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inner sills corroded 5 models. I'll aim for that upon assembly. More than likely inner or outer sills corroded and/or holed. 3. Replacing the sills is an option, but again cost is down to who does the job (and how well). For example the inner sill panel comes as 1 piece and . Thank you for the replies. Dodge replaced many early GENII sills due to corrosion and used an improved foil backed insulation to eliminate the issue. inner sill. I'm going to do a bit of investigation on the last two things but, at 270,000 miles, it looks like it could be the end of the road for my '02 Aero! Daihatsu Fourtrak - MOT Corrosion Issues - Do I Contact VOSA?. seat cross member. New kidney Bowl . under sill. 2. Otherside similar . It's possibly had a bit of a side on at some point and been patched under the side skirt. I then seam weld the inner section inside and out then . With the sills being a structural part of the car, I would prefer to change the whole of the outer sill, and maybe repair just the corroded inner sections (end sections) as it did not look too bad when up on the ramp. Once they’re corroded, your sills are completely predisposed to the impact of gravel, off-road driving, or rusting themselves. Once again, it’s been a very long time since my last post. 2014 Tundra Door Sill Protectors (Platinum) PT747-42140 (Platinum) Rev. Also injecting the inner Sills with rust treatment to stop any further corrosion. 5 suffer rust attacks to the rear of the sill and wheel arches areas. So after taking the angle grinder to the wheel arch, the outer skin is stripped off to reveal a corroded inner sill. outer , inner sills 7. Doesn't look great to be honest. front floor panel. Again seen from the underside this corrosion is within 30cm of a suspension component mounting point and the rear seatbelt mounting point. boot floor , wheel tubs & boot cavities The GT corrosion protection looks quite effective in all other areas of the body. This sub-section covers the condition of the general structure but does not include prescribed areas. Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced, nearside and offside outer (sill) Suspension component mounting prescribed area excessively corroded. All of the inner body sheet metal replacement is finished on both sides, and it is time for more disassembly. Suspension and seatbelt. When replacing rusted rear sills on Mk2 and Mk2. These pictures are just for fun. The new sills have arrived and I am waiting for the rear wing repair section to be delivered. Also that the 'value engineers' at Triumph removed one of the layers of sill structure - the original cars had four sill panels, outer, inner and two strengthening pieces inside. As Ray said above, it is worth remembering that the sill structure is a vital part of the strength of the shell. If the vehicle has door sill protectors installed, remove the door sill protectors on the affected door BEFORE painting. Inner sill and outer sill are gone as well as the bottom of the front foot well and the rear corner under the rear seat. Noted that the document mentions that the underside of the floor is a mix of asbestos (scary) and bitumen, and the welded pressings are sealed with Bostik GC118. For example, when examining a seat belt mounting on an inner sill, you must give consideration to the outer sill or the sill reinforcement if the outer sill is a plastic cover, door pillar, floor . I did however contact Audi to find a cost of the outer sill panels which came into a grand total of £1000 as it comes in two pieces with the rear section of the sill forming part of the rear quarter. boot floor , wheel tubs & boot cavities rust is ALWAYS worse than the bit you can see; this corrosion close to seatbelt mount was flagged as an MOT failure courtesy of a sma ll hole in the door shut: what I know, but the MOT tester isn't allowed to dismantle to spot, is that the plastic sill covers hide corroded sills on both sides. Front Bumper mount a little worse for wear! Bracket removed . Re: Sills. 75-80 75-80 75-80 75-80 75-80 75-80 75-80. robdean , Dec 18, 2014 INNER SILL BODY MOUNT REPAIRS DISCOVERY 1 AND CLASSIC RANGE ROVER 4 DOOR MODELS. bottom edges of rear doors 8. HHmm. Shows quite clearly the inner sill should be at right angles. 75-80 887 59 1211 887 59 1221 75-80 887 59 0071 887 59 0081 75-80 886 59 0031 886 59 0041. This is an important structural panel and usually suffers bad corrosion due to water being trapped between the inner & outer sill. INNER SILL BODY MOUNT REPAIRS DISCOVERY 1 AND CLASSIC RANGE ROVER 4 DOOR MODELS. B. The outer skin in front of the joint is the box section, it has a joggle at the joint and continues rearwards to the . They also used the updated insulation in later GENII production. I believe the rusting of the wings is caused by a sound-dampening foam insert which VW decided to place on the underside of the wheel arch. It's the same for the offside as well. Some corrosion may actually fall into 2 different categories such as this sill on a Nissan Micra, the corrosion falls within the seat belt mounting area and the rear suspension mounting area. 2. Rover put these stupid "U" bracket at the four corners of the floor pan that just creat rot thru. 884 59 1141. A COMPLETE FIX FOR THE CORROSION IN THIS SECTION OF THE BODY SHELL. 6) Offside Rear Body has a sharp edge caused by corrosion wheel arch (6. Here's a picture of an MX5 that's in a very poor state. 5 models, it is nearly always necessary to also replace the inner sill. Inner sill is fine, no corrosion on the floor pan, just what you see. Hello Folks, I bought a 1998 Fourtrak last week. suspension top mount 3. c. i have cut away the centre sill and drilled out the spot welds underneath. HI David. Currently replacing the bottoms of the chassis rails, inner arches, outer sills, inner floor-to-sill areas & rear jacking points on a Scottish 156 GTA. C 2008-2011 Tundra Door Sill Protectors PT747-34073 (Regular-Cab), PT747- The inner sill (which is the part of the sill visible from inside of the vehicle) was badly corroded along the bottom and especialy so in the rear section. front edge of sills 5. To ensure that the inner sills remain corrosion-free for years to come we masked off the sill plate and coated them and the inside of the inner sills with undercoating material. Parts of the floor had been completely eaten away by rust. I noticed on the last MOT that there was an advisory for something like "nearside under body corrosion in prescribed area (floor to sill); not considered excessive". My Jimny has just failed the MOT needs sills and rear floor doing anyone have any suggestions as to either get the parts or if there's a better way to sort the sills? Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. It's one of the only weak points on the car as the rest of the body is generally very well prot. A. some garages will simply cut out the bad and weld in new. 75-80 884 59 1131. It all depends on how bad it really is in truth. Your car will only have the inner and outer skins. If seriously corroded, the required OE panels will be fairly expensive. Body Sill Replacement - RT-622 Old is New - Time to Remove the Body. I'd seen the MOT passes, but when I went through the link you sent it showed, an advisory note from 2012 came up showing 'Rear section of offside inner and outer sill corroded and weak. 1) Offside Front Shock absorber has a serious fluid leak (2. Unless the sentimental attachment is such finances are no objective you might be better off just looking at patching it. 6. A vehicle must be specialist repair certified if there is corrosion damage in any structural area, as indicated in the shaded areas of Figure 3-4-2. But regardless of if the corrosion on the sill is within the 30cm of the seat belt mounting on the inner sill, any corrosion of the outer sills is a fail, as they are structural. A 2007 Tundra Door Sill Protectors PT747-3406X Rev. However work has continued steadily. removing the need to replace the complete inner sill . Your stag will just have an inner and outer sill forming just one box section. There are four separate panels that join to make up the rear sill/arch assembly and the inner sill and lower inner wheel arch are very difficult to fabricate from scratch. This sill was in somewhat worse shape than the other requiring a few patches to the inner sill and complete replacement of the fore and aft sill stiffeners. Got an X reg JTD thats been parked up a few years and not been run. My little van is a Suzuki Carry 1. Repair panel being fabricated for the lower front inner wing. 4 - I would recommend ALL IS200 owners rustproof this area, either after welding or for . I have a pre face lift and the sunroof drain holes drain into the sills, so it's often ongoing, unless I go the full on sill replacement! . Holes could then be sealed with plastic plugs, and would be hidden by trim and the aluminium . 23 May 2020, 08:12. Hole in the side panel. This is my first instructable, I've been wanting to do one for a while and I figured this is as good as any to start with. If you have corrosion around the body mounts but the inner sills are solid, these kits enable a strong repair. And the front bumper mounts where also in need of attention . b. Daihatsu Fourtrak - MOT Corrosion Issues - Do I Contact VOSA?. robdean , Dec 18, 2014 Nearside Rear Lower Vehicle structure corroded to the extent that the rigidity of the assembly is significantly reduced Inner sill holed /Corroded (6. The corrosion must have be on a part of the sill that's visible. 6) Nearside Rear Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is excessively corroded outer/inner sill (5. I go for genuine 4" sills every time, yours would be the MK3 on type, they have have six vent holes to reduce condensation. A pass is a pass so i wouldn't worry too much. Repairs to inner sill . Hole at the bottom of the inner sill. 3 (b)(i)] But the mechanic said that the corrosion is likely to become bad enough to fail within a year or two, and given the age of the car it would be beyond economic repair. bottom edges of front door 6. 3) Hello mate,I know its not of great help but my x is the worse rust case ive ever seen its that bad you can see all the internal structure of the inner sills at both ends and both sides but like you i was at my wits end but i have a mechanic here who looks after both my cars and he told me under no circumstances scrap the car its just a case of finding someone who thinks more about keeping a . C. the rear wing and sill are one panel ana this panel spreads the stress of the rear of the car,to do the job properly you need to cut of the rear wing off there will be corrosion on the inner wing and inner sill. Sublet the vehicle to a body shop to repaint the door sill(s). Outer Sill also removed . It's an old vehicle, … So my turn to report about corrosion; MOT not passed due to sills, corroded under those plastic covers which does not worry me but in right side behind the sill where the "arc block" starts and where the inner part of inner wing should be welded is corroded, too. Inner cill clamped in place. Therefore on the vt30 failure notice the same corrosion will be referenced as 2 reasons for rejection, seatbelts and suspension although only one repair . These point to drilling about four holes into the sills from inside the car, near the floor, allowing waxoil to be injected. Fixing rusty sills is too much undertaking than replacing rockers. rear wheel arch & wheel tub 10. but they would be WRONG, because the precise wording of the MOT Tester's Manual states that "any corrosion must be within 30cm prescribed area of any mounting point". Rust bleed is a rust coloured stain or mark that appears around an area of corrosion that may not be visible. . The car looked OK but on close inspection the sills and B-posts were showing the typical signs of corrosion. i am starting with the rear off side. Rear inner sill repair panel for Mk2 and Mk2. And all along the sills within 30cm you have the jacking point, end of crossmmsber/seat mounting, seatbelt mounting on the inner sill and the rear subframe mounting at . Painting Vehicle Sills to Prevent or Repair Rust: Hi there. The outer sill looks mint, not sure about the inner sill. seen the pictures. Sills falling apart, Inner sills badly corroded, Sill Strengtheners not present, Boot floor mainly missing, Front bulkhead badly corroded, Windscreen surround very badly corroded, Front roof edge, badly de-seamed and badly corroded, Rear heel cross member corroded, Outer wheel arches require patches and repair, Front wings badly corroded. sills . Having a poke around under the car, there is a lot of flaking around the edge of . A tiny hole in the floor might only cost you £50 and a significantly rusted whole sill replacement (inner and outer) might cost £700 - £1000. I think a lot of the corrosion found here was down to a lack of drainage and air flow so I'd leave the top slots in the inner sill open rather than tape them. A good inspection point is in the door shut – the black plastic vent can be popped out to view down into the cavity between the inner and outer sill. 3 (b)(i)] Sub-frame corroded but not seriously weakened Rear [5. The combination of foam bag, inevitable jacking damage (if you ever let anyone else change a wheel) and pillarless door design lets the mud and water in and seems to finish them all off. Sub-frame corroded but not seriously weakened Front [5. I will send you . . MX5 Mk1, Mk2 and Mk2. 1 (c) (i)) Offside Rear Vehicle structure corroded to the extent that the rigidity of the assembly is significantly reduced Chassis leg corroded and holed (BAD) Both sides missing Around Exhaust . Next up is the right hand sill and the adjacent rear wing. These are checked under sections 1 (brakes), 2 (steering), 5 (axles . 1980 3. This is due to drainage holes for the roof clogging up, sending torrents of rain water cascading into the sills and rear wheel arches where it sits and eats away at the inner structure of the car. I have been doing some welding to the rear of the inner wheel arch in front the rear wheel, but discovered that the body mounting to inner sill was also rotten. It looked tidy, there was evidence of recent welding, and I had a crawl underneath with a lamp and screwdriver, which indicated that there was some work to be done on the inner sills before the next MOT test, due in October 2012. The rest of the patch needs to be seam welded to the outer sill, you can only plug weld where the original spot welds were IF the corroded outer sill section has been separated and removed from the inner sill. Outer Sill and B-Post also . Sean did do exactly this job (a pretty much full inner sill transplant) but he's a professional and it would be very expensive otherwise. « Reply #1 on: March 02, 2017, 07:09:43 pm ». Close up of the inner sill rust. 7. A NEW door sill protector MUST be ordered and installed AFTER the vehicle has been repainted. Kidney bowl corrosion . Tops of inner front wings have suffered where mud gets trapped around the pipework. Again any further forward would require removing the outer or stripping the interior and carpets to get at it from inside the car. The cavity between the inner sill and outer sill traps dampness and over time, corrosion takes hold. gearbox . RH Outer Sill and Rear Wing Repair. Theinternalpanel only exists on a very few of the firststags made. It may still get through the MOT because the stone chip paint masks the extent of the corrosion. The combined arrangement of inner sill, outer sill and castle section on each side of the MGB is further complicated by the way the sills are enclosed within the front and rear wings which makes replacement of 'Vehicle structure is corroded but structural rigidity is not significantly reduced Offside Front (Body mount area)' 'Integral body structure or chassis corroded within 30cm of a mounting, but not seriously affecting overall security Nearside Rear (inner sill)' I'd just like to know what everybody's thoughts are. inner wing splash panel 4. Theres a few things need doing like lazy stater motor (already removed) broken n/s/f coil spring (strut removed today) and brake pipe from master cylinder to ABS unit corroding - looks like a pain to change, top engine mount to remove and . A full cill could be cut down to repair them if desired, one cill would probably do both sides of the cab with some fetting. The foam insert was retaining moisture, as foam tends to do, and I can only hazard a guess that the untreated/unpainted metal on the underside didn . An interesting read thank you. And cleaned up. Where are you based? I'd be more than happy to take a look if you like and try and give you an idea of whether it is worth saving or not. HELP sills and rear floor was created by Flhh6657. It usually shows on the outer sill, the bit you can see. No part of the inner sill being rusty is good news but at least if it is in the exposed part it can be got to. door skin - 2 door saloon. On the outside the plastic sill cover masks any potential corrosion problems, so until I had hit the inner sill all appeared to be well. Thanks for the response and you were right about the floors. More front inner wing work . 3 - if you are not covered and you have more than minor bubbling, the sill may be corroded and need welding. Rot in the skin in front of or at the joint where the rear quarter panel meets the sill is structural. C 2008-2011 Tundra Door Sill Protectors PT747-34073 (Regular-Cab), PT747- Close up of the inner sill rust. Step by step guide on how to repair rusty/corroded sills on your vehicle, the work was carried out on a Ford Transit Connect but applies to any vehicle with . Extent of the sill and panel rust. i think i will seam weld to the remaining inner sill, and plug weld underneath. A picture shows it well: To find where the corrosion stopped and where good metal began, we removed the rust with an angle grinder along the length of the inner sill. Corroded sills are a frequent cause of test failure and it is essential to repair them properly. i think the sills are better patched than replaced, as you say. Repairs will have to be welded. A small number of very early Stags had an internal membrane effectively turning the inner and outer sills into two box sections. If the inner sill is too corroded in that area, you'll need to cut out the rot and patch it so that you'll have something solid to weld to. I always remove the entire corroded outer sill, then cut away the corroded sections of the inner sill. After cleaning away as much rust as possible I took the van to John at VW Welding Services, he completed the work in three days. But the area is close to the rear jacking point. these where never rust proofed at the factory. As Roger says water has to come out so I made three slots at the bottom against inner sill where the lip is. I spent severn hours welding and fabricating this area, but noticed that the rest of the sill wasn't looking great. 'Vehicle structure is corroded but structural rigidity is not significantly reduced Offside Front (Body mount area)' 'Integral body structure or chassis corroded within 30cm of a mounting, but not seriously affecting overall security Nearside Rear (inner sill)' I'd just like to know what everybody's thoughts are. I have patched the sills on a Austin Metro (ended up looking like a patchwork quilt) only to find out a few weeks later that a motor factor could have supplied replacement outer sills for £10 each (quite a few years ago tho'). Have look at the outer sill and feel at the back of it, be careful there could be sharp edges. It seems the MOT testers training hasn't moved on from manuals based on 60's car design practice. Inner sill and kidney bowl welded in place . Note 5. It might mean there is some hidden corrosion in the sill. If you can not push a wide blunt ended screw driver through with moderate pressure or make a hole by taping the sill with the screw driver handle then it's a pass. Offside Rear Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is excessively corroded outer sill (5. 1. I think mine was also missing a blanking grommet under the sill. Corrosion damage includes any signs of ‘rust bleed’. this is a bodge rear and can make the car weaker. This insulation absorbs rain and car wash water then steams it into the inner sills causing the aluminum sill to corrode and the paint to bubble. 3, which has lived by the sea for at least the past 5 years. General condition. headlight cowl area 2. diagram of upper bodyside with corrosion hot -spots 1. Any sensible person would immediately have failed the car. 0SC Sill, B-Post and Kidney bowl replacement . Corrosion will lead to an MOT fail eventually but it's hard to say how long you have until that happens as the rate it spreads is indeterminate. Inner sill corrosion. Basically if you cut off the comple bottom lip of the original corroded sill, leavin just the floor section and the inner sill upright of the triple "sandwich", then a drilled plug-weld, or a good clean spot weld, is as good as the original, if not stronger, but keep the frequency/measurement identical or more welds per inch. The inner sill (which is the part of the sill visible from inside of the vehicle) was badly corroded along the bottom and especialy so in the rear section. The outer, inner, inner wheelarch and box sections required replacing. Hi all Ive been reading past posts on the subject of rustproofing inner sills. sill closing panel. B 2010-2013 Tundra Platinum Door Sill Protectors PT747-34100 (Crew Max-Cab) Rev. Follow similar steps like the experts, and utilize the same high-quality materials and tools. rear edge of sills 9. So my turn to report about corrosion; MOT not passed due to sills, corroded under those plastic covers which does not worry me but in right side behind the sill where the "arc block" starts and where the inner part of inner wing should be welded is corroded, too. kirkynut. Rust can be a serious problem for the sills on a Porsche 944. You can also have rust inhibitors professionally applied to the underbody, wheel arches and sills of your car for around £300 - £500 MGA 1500 Coupe. Other indications are rust bubbles appearing on the outer sill and in the lower door shut and . Hole in structure = fail. 887 59 0331 887 59 1091. You can click to alternate between the two larger photos for comparison to see how far the project has come in a relatively short time. The inner Coll is just flat and has large cut outs for drainage so I am surprised the op's have rotted out. Trader Rating: 0. 75-80 884 59 0491 884 59 0501. I'm going to do a bit of investigation on the last two things but, at 270,000 miles, it looks like it could be the end of the road for my '02 Aero! Seen from the underside the inner sill is holed within 30cm of the seatbelt mounting. But I'm not sure how effective that would be. I had serious (often every 3 years) welding for MOT inner outer sills and wheel arch came in around £400, but that was a fair bit. If the corrosion is greater than the outer sill alone then a inner sill repair panel would also be required. inner sills corroded

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